Housing 2-4 Sant Francesc street, No. 1C in Polop (Alicante)

  • Area: 73,70 m²
  • Basic construction contract: 99762,03 €
  • Cadastral reference: 0290622YH5708N0006DH
  • BOP Date: To be determined
  • Scheduled date of auction: To be determined

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  • Soon it’ll be available the particular tender conditions
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Urban housing type C,  located on  the first floor of the Polop Plaza building, located in Polop de la Marina, overlooking Inmaculada Square, San Francisco Street and the main Street.

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Ad published on 13. June 2016


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  [ 2016-06-13 ]

Garage space 58, 2 nou d'octubre street, basement floor 2, door no. 58 in polop de la marina (alicante).

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  [ 2016-06-13 ]

Housing 2-4 sant francesc street, no. 1c in polop (alicante).

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